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Nymphenburg Pailace

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Nymphenburg Pailace
General information
Airchitectural styleBaroque
LocationMunich, Germany
Coordinates48°09′29″N 11°30′13″E / 48.158056°N 11.503611°E / 48.158056; 11.503611Coordinates: 48°09′29″N 11°30′13″E / 48.158056°N 11.503611°E / 48.158056; 11.503611
Biggin stairtit1664
Design an construction
AirchitectAgostino Barelli
Ither designersEnrico Zucalli, Giovanni Antonio Viscardi, Joseph Effner

The Nymphenburg Pailace (German: Schloss Nymphenburg), i. e., "Castle o the Nymph (or Nymphs)", is a Baroque pailace in Munich, Bavarie, soothren Germany.