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November-7 Live.jpg
November-7 live
(openin act for Within Temptation)
Background information
Oreigin Swisserland
Genres Metal
Years active 2005 (2005)–present
Labels Daily-Rock Records
Members Annamaria Cozza (vocals)
Stéphane Geiser (lead guitar)
Yann Siegenthaler (drums)
Matt Walters (rhythm guitar)
Stéphane Berginz (samplers)
Past members Yann Berger (rhythm guitar)
Gil Reber (drums)

November-7 is a Swiss-based metal baund frae Neuchâtel. Formit in 2005, the group is known for its mix of guitar-based metal wi electro influences alang wi melodic vocal lines an orchestral arrangements. As o Januar 2012 the baund are wirkin on the follaeup tae their first studio album, Season 3, which receivit excellent reviews throu-oot Europe an the US.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Formation an EPs (2005-2009)[eedit | eedit soorce]

Guitarist Stéphane Geiser an vocalist Annamaria Cozza formit November-7 in 2005 an quickly released their first EP Mesmerised (2006). Recruitin guitarist Yann Berger an drummer Gil Reber, they stairtit playin local venues an establishin their reputation as a live act.

While Mesmerised established their style, it wis 2007's "Angel" an its eponymous EP that got November-7 their first media attention an local radio airplay, an spread the baund's reputation further afield.

Alive! (2008)[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 2008, a show in Neuchâtel gave the baund an opportunity tae record their live show. The result wis the live album/DVD set Alive! which immediately caught the attention o specialist magazines such as Hard Rock Mag, Metal Edge Magazine an Synthetics Mag. Wi positive reviews, a new drummer (Yann Siegenthaler), a steady stream o gigs across the kintra, November-7 stairtit wirk in earnest on their first full-length studio album.

Season 3 (2010-present)[eedit | eedit soorce]

Throughoot 2010, live shows throughoot Swisserland cementit November-7's reputation as a live act tae see. A new rhythm guitarist, Matt Walters joined in Januar 2010, an recordins for the album went on throughoot the year. In Autumn 2010, Stéphane an Annamaria went tae Stockholm tae mix the album at Toytown Studios wi producer Stefan Glaumann (o Rammstein, Clawfinger, Within Temptation).

The resultin album, Season 3 (2011), wis released in Februar 2011 an gathered excellent reviews frae magazines an wabzines throughoot the warld. The album wis released bi record label Daily Rock Records an wis distributit athort Europe (Musikvertrieb/Season of Mist) an in the USA (Sonic Cathedral).

The album's popularity an the baund's live reputation lead tae the baund being asked tae open for such warld-class acts as Lacuna Coil an Within Temptation in 2011, an tae the baund's first US appearance in the form o a showcase in Seattle in October 2011.

The band is currently wirkin on the follow-up tae Season 3 an leukin forward tae shows in Swisserland, Belgium, Germany an the UK in 2012.

Baund members[eedit | eedit soorce]

Current members
  • Annamaria Cozza (vocals) 2005–present (foondin member)
  • Stéphane Geiser (lead guitar) 2005–present (foondin member)
  • Yann Siegenthaler (drums) 2009–present
  • Matt Walters (rhythm guitar) 2010–present
  • Stéphane Berginz (samplers) 2011–present
Past members
  • Yann Berger (rhythm guitar) 2006-2010
  • Gil Reber (drums) 2006-2009

Discography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Studio albums
  • 2010 - Parasite (single)
  • 2011 - Season 3
Live albums & DVD
  • 2008 - Alive!
  • 2006 - Mesmerize (Season I)
  • 2007 - Angel (Season II)

Videography[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 2007 - Angel - Music video
  • 2008 - Alive! - Live DVD
  • 2010 - Parasite - Music video
  • 2011 - In My Mind - Music video

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

Season 3 album review

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