North Korea naitional fitbaw team

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North Korea
AssociationDPR Korea Fitbaa Association
ConfederationAFC (Asie)
Sub-confederationEAFF (East Asie)
Heid coachYun Jong-su
CaiptainRi Myong-guk
Maist kaipsRi Myong-guk (120)
Tap scorerJong Il-gwan (26)
Hame stadiumKim Il-sung Stadium
First colours
Second colours
FIFA rankin
Current 115 Steady (20 Julie 2023)[1]
Heichest57 (November 1993)
Lawest181 (November 1998)
Elo rankin
Current 111 Increase 1 (17 Julie 2023)[2]
Heichest26 (Julie 1966)
Lawest97 (Aprile 2004)
First international
North Korea North Korea 1–0 Cheenae 
(Beijing, Cheenae; October 7, 1956)[3]
Biggest win
North Korea North Korea 21–0 Guam 
(Taipei, Taiwan; Mairch 11, 2005)
Biggest defeat
 Portugal 7–0 North Korea North Korea
(Cape Toun, South Africa; Juin 21, 2010)
Warld Cup
Appearances2 (first in 1966)
Best resultQuarter-finals, 1966
Asian Cup
Appearances3 (first in 1980)
Best resultFowerth place; 1980

The Democratic Fowkrepublic o Korea naitional fitbaw team (recognized as Korea DPR bi FIFA an kent colloquially an in the media as North Korea[4]) represents the Democratic Fowkrepublic o Korea in internaitional association fitbaw an is controlled bi the DPR Korea Fitbaa Association, the govrenin bouk for fitbaw in North Korea.[5]

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