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Restored keep o Burg Nideggen

Nideggen is a toun in the destrict o Düren in the state o North Rhine-Westphalie, Germany. It is locatit on the river Rur, in the Eifel hills, approx. 15 km sooth o Düren.

Nideggen is kent for its ruined, but pairtly restored castle (Burg Nideggen) an the saundstane rocks alang the Rur. It is twinned wi Thatcham in Berkshire, Ingland. The first mention in history wis in 1184.

The toun wis creatit in 1972 bi amalgamation o aicht till then independent communities: Abenden (853 indwallers), Berg-Thuir (721), Brück (308), Embken (814), Muldenau (197), Nideggen (3.271), Rath (902), Schmidt (3.093), Wollersheim (707). It is situatit atween 250 an 450 metres abuin sea level.

Geographical position[eedit | eedit soorce]

Nideggen lies on the river Rur an at the banks o the Rurtalsperre, the seicont lairgest dam in Germany. The region is famous for its precipitous Early Triassic rocks o Buntsandstein in the valley o Rur an is situatit atween 250 an 450 metres ower sea level.

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Coordinates: 50°42′00″N 6°29′00″E / 50.7°N 6.4833°E / 50.7; 6.4833