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Nicolas van Beveren

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Nicolas van Beveren
Born1983 (age 40–41)
Machabée, Mahé, Seychelles
NaitionalityFrench, Seychellois
Years active2007–present

Nicolas van Beveren (born c. 1983) is a Seychellois-born French actor an film director best kent faer starrin as "Jon" i the 2016 science feection film Virtual Revolution [en].[1]

Biografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

van Beveren wis bairn i 1983 tae a Seychellois mither an Belgian faither i Machabée, a toun i Mahé, Seychelles [en].[2] At the age o six, he muivit tae France where he developit interest i actin.[3] He startit his career i 2007 efter he wis cawed faer an audition i Paris tae play a role i a telly series on French TV chennel M6 [fr]. He haes sin syne on tae featur i mony telly series an films an haes directit four short films ower the course o his career.[3] He ceets Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott an Denzel Washington as his influences.[3]

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