New Breetain

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New Breetain
Coordinates 5°44′S 150°44′E / 5.733°S 150.733°E / -5.733; 150.733
Airchipelagae Bismarck Airchipelago
Aurie 36,520 km2 (14,100 sq mi)[1]
Aurie rank 38th
Lenth 520 km (323 mi)
Weenth 146 km (90.7 mi)
Heichest elevation 2,438 m (7,999 ft)
Heichest point Mount Sinewit
Papua New Guinea
Population 513,926 (2011)
Pop. density 14.07 /km2 (36.44 /sq mi)
Ethnic groups Papuans an Austronesians

New Breetain, or Niu Briten, is the lairgest island in the Bismarck Airchipelago (named efter Otto von Bismarck) o Papua New Guinea.

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Coordinates: 5°44′S 150°44′E / 5.733°S 150.733°E / -5.733; 150.733