Bismarck Airchipelago

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Bismarck Airchipelago
Karta PG Bismarck Archipelago.PNG
Map o the Bismarck Airchipelago
LocationPapua New Guinea
Coordinates5°00′S 150°00′E / 5.000°S 150.000°E / -5.000; 150.000
Major islandsNew Breetain, New Ireland
Aurie49,700 km2 (19,200 sq mi)
Papua New Guinea
RegionIslands Region

The Bismarck Archipelago is a group o islands off the northeastren coast o New Guinea in the wastern Paceefic Ocean an is pairt o the Islands Region o Papua New Guinea. Its aurie is aboot 50,000 squerr km. It is named for Otto von Bismarck.