Narathiwat Province

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Location o the Narathiwat Province.

Narathiwat (Thai: นราธิวาส) is ane o the southern provinces (changwat) o Thailand. Neighborin provinces are (frae wast clockwise) Yala an Pattani. Tae the sooth it borders the Malaysian state o Kelantan. The soothren railway line ends in this province that is ane o the naition’s five provinces that borders Malaysie [1]. The name o this province means “the residence o guid fowk” [1]. These are some pairts o Narathiwat, a fertile province in the Sooth. It is ane o the maist fascinatin an mixed places in Thailand acause o the different culturs an multiple natural resources. Narathiwat is locatit some 1,140 kilometers sooth o Bangkok an occupies an aurie o 4,475 square kilometers. Seiventie five percent o the aurie is jungles an muntains. It is a tropical climate, an there are ae 2 saisons which are simmer an rainy.

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