Naomi Mitchison

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Naomi Mary Margaret Mitchison
Born1 November 1897(1897-11-01)
Edinburgh, Scotland
Dee'd11 Januar 1999(1999-01-11) (aged 101)
Carradale, Scotland
ThriftBiologist, nourice, writer
EddicationSociety o Oxford Home Students
GenreHistorical, science fiction, traivelogue an autobiography
SpooseGilbert Richard Mitchison
BairnsGeoffrey Mitchison (1918–1927)
Denis Mitchison (born 1919)
Murdoch Mitchison (1922-2011)
Avrion Mitchison (born 1928)
Lois Mitchison
Valentine Mitchison
Clemency Mitchison
RelativesJohn Scott Haldane (faither)
J. B. S. Haldane (brither)

Naomi Mary Margaret Mitchison, Baroness Mitchison, CBE (née Haldane; 1 November 1897 – 11 Januar 1999) wis a Scots novelist an poet.[1] She wrate ower 90 buiks on historical an science fiction, traivel writin an an autobiography. Her husband wis Baron Dick Mitchison, an throu his peerage she wis alloued ti caa hersel Baroness Mitchison bit she niver waled tae dae sae. Her 1931 nuvel, The Corn King and the Spring Queen, wis seen bi some as bein the prime 20t-yeirhunner historical nuvel.

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