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Nakhon Sawan Province

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Location o Nakhon Sawan Province

Nakhon Sawan (Thai: นครสวรรค์) is ane o the provinces (changwat) o Thailand. Neighborin provinces are (frae north clockwise) Kamphaeng Phet, Phichit, Phetchabun, Lop Buri, Sing Buri, Chai Nat, Uthai Thani an Tak.


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The wird Nakhon oreeginates frae the Sanskrit wird Nagara meanin ceety, an the wird Sawan frae Sanskrit svarga meanin heaven. Hence the name o the province literally means Heaven Ceety.


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Nakhon Sawan wis a ceety syne Dvaravati era. While pairt o the Sukhothai Kinrick, it wis cawed Mueang Phra Bang, the soothren frontier ceety o Sukhothai. Later athin the Ayutthaya kingdom it wis an important tred centre acause o its location at the twa major rivers frae the north. It an aa wis the common meetin pynt o Burmese troops afore muivin tae attack Ayutthaya. In the reign o King Taksin the Great, Phra Bang became a Siamese military base tae prevent further Burmese attacks.

When King Mongkut signed the Bowring Treaty wi Breetain the glorious time o Nakhon Sawan began, as it became the main rice an teak tradin center. Housomeivver the openin o the Northren railwey in 1922, the economic crisis afore 1932 revolution, an finally the openin o Dejativongse brig an Phahonyothin hieway in 1950 each decreased the importance o watter transportation an sicweys made Nakhon Sawan less important.

When in 1895 King Chulalongkorn established the monthon as pairt o the thesaphiban admeenistrative reform, Nakhon Sawan became caipital ceety o Monthon Nakhon Sawan.

The 4t Infantry Regiment o the 3rd Aurie Airmy is based in Nakhon Sawan. It is in chairge o the northwastren mairch wi Burma, frae Mae Hong Son in the north tae Kanchanaburi in the sooth.


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The Ping an Nan rivers merge near the ceety o Nakhon Sawan tae form the Chao Phraya River. The Mae Wong Naitional Paurk on the mairch wi Khamphaeng Phet province wis creatit in 1987 tae preserve the Mae Wong-Mae Poen jungle.

Bueng Boraphet is the lairgest freshwater swamp in Thailand, in tot coverin 212 km². The swamp is locatit directly east o the toun Nakhon Sawan an extends intae the destricts Tha Tako an Chum Saeng. Durin the winter months mony waterfowls migrate thare. Pairts o the swamp are protectit as a non-huntin aurie.