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Chainat Province

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Location o Chainat Province

Chainat (Thai ชัยนาท (Pronunciation)) is ane o the central provinces (changwat) o Thailand. Neighborin provinces are (frae north clockwise) Nakhon Sawan, Sing Buri, Suphan Buri an Uthai Thani.


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Chai Nat is locatit in the flat river plain o central Thailand's Chao Phraya River valley. In the sooth o the province the Chao Phraya (umwhile Chai Nat) Dam impunds the Chao Phraya river, baith for flood control as well as tae divert water intae the kintra's lairgest irrigation seestem for the irrigation o rice paddies in the lawer river valley. The dam, pairt o the Greater Chao Phraya Project, wis finished in 1957 an wis the first dam constructit in Thailand.


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Oreeginally the ceety wis locatit at Sankhaburi. In the reign o Keeng Mongkut (Rama IV) the main settlement o the province wis moved tae its present-day location. Durin the wars wi the Burmese it wis an important military base for confrontin the Burmese Airmy. As aw these confrontations wur successful the ceety gained the name Chai Nat, which means place o victory.


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The provincial seal shows the Buddhist wheel, the Dhammajakra. In the backgrund are Khao Phlong muntain an river (Chao Phraya River). The wheel seembolizes the faith o the residents.

The provincial tree is the Bael Fruit Tree (Aegle marmelos), an the provincial flouer the Rainbow Shower Tree (Cassia javanica).

The slogan o the province is Venerable Luangpu Suk, Renouned Chao Phraya Dam, Famous Bird Park an Tasty Khao Taengkwa Pomelo.

Admeenistrative diveesions

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Map o Amphoe
Map o Amphoe

Chainat is subdividit intae 8 destricts (amphoe). The destricts are further subdividit intae 53 subdestricts (tambon) an 474 veelages (muban).

  1. Mueang Chainat
  2. Manorom
  3. Wat Sing
  4. Sapphaya
  1. Sankhaburi
  2. Hankha
  3. Nong Mamong
  4. Noen Kham


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Straw Bird Fair, Chai Nat’s Product Fair and Red Cross Fair (งานมหกรรมหุ่นฟางนกนานาชาติ งานของดี และงานกาชาดจังหวัดชัยนาท) This annual fair is organized bi makin guid uise o straw, a bi-product in rice farmin. Various species o huge straw birds will come perchin on elaborately decoratit floats durin the straw bird procession an the competition is held in front o Chai Nat Ceety Hall. The event is held annually durin Cheenese New Year in Februar.

Chai Nat Pomelo Fair (งานส้มโอชัยนาท) Chai Nat is ane o several provinces famous for producin exceptional pomelo. The best kent are o the Khao Taengkwa variety haein a well-roondit shape, smooth skin, thin peel, sweet-crispy taste an a little sour, but no bitter. The fair is held durin late August - early September in front o Chai Nat Ceety Hall an features mony activities such as pomelo contest, varieties o exhibitions bi provincial authorities, an young shoot an pomelo sales.

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