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Naitional Socialism Association

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Naitional Socialism Association (NSA; Cheenese: 國家社會主義學會) is a neo-fascist politeecal organization foondit in Taiwan in September 2006 bi Hsu Na-chi (Cheenese: 許娜琦), a 22-year-auld female politeecal science graduate o Soochow University. The NSA haes an explicit stated goal o obtainin the pouer tae govren the state.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

In an interview wi the maist popular newspaper in Taiwan, Apple Daily (Taiwan), on Mairch 10, 2007, the foonder o the NSA claimed that she stairtit researchin the ideology while she wis studyin at varsity. She foondit the NSA acause she believes in the ideology o Nazism an she is no happy wi the constant politeecal struggle atween the Kuomintang an the Democratic Progressive Pairty. The pairty wis registered as a public organization unner Taiwanese law in September 2006. The govrenment indicates that the establishment an existence o the NSA are protectit bi the constitution which guarantees freedom o speech an organization.

Its first naitional meetin amang members wis held on Mairch 17, 2007 in Taichung.

Organization[eedit | eedit soorce]

Initially, the NSA haed 19 members. The heidquarters is in Taipei. As o Mairch 2007, the offeecial wabsteid claimed that the NSA haed mair nor 760 members. Efter exposure in major media, the NSA claims membership haes risen tae ower 1,400.

The NSA views Adolf Hitler as its leader an aften proclaims "Lang live Hitler" (Heil Hitler) as ane o thair slogans. This haes brocht them condemnation frae various Jewish human richts groups (acause o Hitler's genocide o Jewish minorities in Europe).The Simon Wiesenthal Center condemned the Naitional Socialism Association on Mairch 13, 2007 for championin the umwhile Nazi dictator an blamin democracy for Taiwan's "social unrest."[1]

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