Munt Olympus

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Munt Olympus
Munt Olympus frae the wast
Heichest pynt
Elevation2,917 m (9,570 ft)
Prominence2,355 m (7,726 ft) [1]
Isolation254 kilometres (158 mi)
LeetinKintra heich pynt
Coordinates40°05′08″N 22°21′31″E / 40.08556°N 22.35861°E / 40.08556; 22.35861Coordinates: 40°05′08″N 22°21′31″E / 40.08556°N 22.35861°E / 40.08556; 22.35861
Munt Olympus is locatit in Greece
Munt Olympus
Munt Olympus
Location o Munt Olympus in Greece
Parent rangeMacedonia and Thessaly, near the Gulf of Salonika
First ascent2 August 1913 Christos Kakalos, Frederic Boissonnas an Daniel Baud-Bovy
Easiest routeHike, some rock scramble

Munt Olympus (Greek: Όλυμπος ; an aa transleeteratit as Olympos, an on Greek cairts, Oros Olympos) is the heichest muntain in Greece, locatit in the Olympus Range on the mairch atween Thessaly an Macedonie, aboot 80 km (50 mi) soothwast frae Thessaloniki, Greece's seicont lairgest ceety. Munt Olympus haes 52 peaks.[2] The heichest peak Mytikas, meanin "nose", rises tae 2,917 metres (9,570 ft).[3] It is ane o the heichest peaks in Europe in terms o topografic prominence.[1]

Munt Olympus is notit for its very rich flora wi several species. It is a Naitional Pairk o Greece an a Warld's Biosphere Reserve.

Meethology[eedit | eedit soorce]

In Greek meethologie Olympus wis regardit as the "home" o the Twelve Olympian gods o the auncient Greek warld.[4] It fairmed itself efter the gods defeatit the Titans in the Titan War, an suin the palace wis inhabitit bi the gods. It is the settin o mony Greek meethical stories. In the wirds o Homer:

Olympus wis nae shaken bi winds nor ever wet wi rain, nor did snaw faw upon it, but the air is ootspread clear an cloudless, an ower it hovered a radiant whiteness.[5]

Climbin[eedit | eedit soorce]

Climbin Munt Olympus is a non-technical hike, except for the final section frae Skala summit tae Mytikas summit, which is YDS cless 3 rock scramble. It is estimatit that 10,000 fowk climb Munt Olympus each year, maist o them reachin anly the Skolio summit.

Olympus' heichest peak, Mytikas

Maist climbs tae Munt Olympus stairt frae the toun o Litochoro, which teuk the name Ceety o Gods acause o its location on the ruits o the muntain. A local frae Litochoro, Christos Kakalos, acame the first tae reach the Mytikas summit on 2 August 1913. Frae thare a road goes tae Prionia, whaur the hike begins at the bottom o the muntain.

Coin[eedit | eedit soorce]

Munt Olympus an the naitional Pairk aroond it wur selectit as the main motif for the Greek Naitional Pairk Olympus commemorative coin, mintit in 2005. On the reverse, the War o the Titans on Munt Olympus is portrayed alang wi flouerin branches on the lawer pairt o the coin. Above the scene is written, in Greek, "Naitional Pairk Olympus".

Olympus Sooth Peaks

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Munt Olympus frae Litochoro

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