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Coordinates: 9°26′30″N 76°52′30″E / 9.44167°N 76.87500°E / 9.44167; 76.87500
Kintra Indie
 • OffeecialMalayalam, Inglis
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Vehicle registrationKL-

Mukkoottuthara is a veelage located in Kottayam destrict o Kerala, Indie. Sabarimala is anerly 16 kilometres frae Erumely, while travellin throu Mukkoottuthara. The roads passin throu Mukkoottuthara are upgradit an maintained as State Heich-gates. The main cultivation is rubber. Mukkoottuthara is famous for bamboo products (Muram, Kutta, Parampu etc.). Ane o the famous tourist spot- Perumthenaruvy (The watterfaw in Pumpa river, whaur the entire river faws tae aboot 20 feet) is juist 1.5 kilometres frae Mukkoottuthara.

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