Kottayam destrict

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Kottayam destrict
Kottayam destrict is locatit in Kerala
Kottayam destrict
Kottayam destrict
Coordinates: 9°35′42″N 76°31′52″E / 9.59500°N 76.53111°E / 9.59500; 76.53111
Kintra  Indie
State Kerala
Heidquairters Kottayam
 • Collector Mini Antony
 • Tot 1,979,451
 • Density 1,025/km2 (2,650/sq mi)
 • Offeecial Malayalam, Inglid, Hindi (rarely)
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
ISO 3166 code IN-KL-
Wabsteid www.kottayam.gov.in

Kottayam is ane o the 14 destricts in the state o Kerala, Indie. The destrict haes its heidquairters at Kottayam toun, locatit at 9.36° N an 76.17° E. Accordin tae the 1991 census, it is the first destrict tae achieve 100% leeteracy rate in the whole o Indie. On 27 September 2008, Kottayam destrict became the first tobacco free destrict in Indie an aw.[1][2]

Bordered bi the Wastren Ghats on the east an the Vembanad Loch an paddy fields o Kuttanad on the wast, Kottayam haes mony unique characteristics. Panoramic backwatter stretches, lush paddy fields, hielands, hills an hillocks, rubber plantations an places associatit wi mony legends given Kottayam Destrict the enviable title: The laund o letters, legends, latex an lakes. The destrict is 15.35% urbanisit.[3]

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