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Moskvitch 2142

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No a Moskvitch Kalita, but its base caur - the Moskvitch-2142. The Kalita haed stretched body an Rolls-Royce inspired chromed grille. This is the prototype.
This is the serial model.

The Moskvitch 2142 wis a line o caurs produced bi AZLK's Moskvitch division frae 1998−2002.

Three versions o the 2142 wur marketit: the Knjaz Vladimir, Ivan Kalita, an the Duet, that wis introduced several years later. The Knjaz Vladimir wis less expensive nor the mair upscale Ivan Kalita, baith saloons. The Duet wis a muckle smawer twa-door coupé based on the bodyshell o the Knjaz Vladimir an Ivan Kalita. A few years efter the launch o the Duet, it wis replaced wi the Duet II, featurin a revised front end.

Aw 2142 models wur fitted wi Renault ingines. Whan Moskvitch filed for bankruptcy in 2002, production o aw models ceased, an the factory wis left abandoned.

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