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Moskvitch (Roushie: Москвич) (sometimes an aa written as Moskvich or Moskwitch) wis an automobile brand frae Roushie produced bi AZLK frae 1945 to 1991 an bi OAO Moskvitch frae 1991 tae 2002.

OAO Moskvitch wis a privatized venture name given tae the umwhile factory in order tae avoid legal issues efter the fall o the Soviet Union in 1991. Since the factory haed nae assembly branches ootside Roushie efter 1991, its name is lairgely uised today tae refer tae the buildin locatit in Lawer Eastren part o Moscow an abandoned since 2006.

The word moskvitch (Roushie:москвич) itself translates as "(a) Muscovite" intae Inglis. It wis uised tae point oot the original location o the caurs manufactured ootside o Moscow.