Moont Ararat

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Moont Ararat
Ararat view from plane under Naxicivan Sharur.jpg
Little Ararat (left) an Mt. Ararat (richt)
Heichest pynt
Elevation5,137 m (16,854 ft) 
See Elevation section
Prominence3,611 m (11,847 ft) 
Ranked 48t
Isolation379 kilometre (235 mi)
LeetinKintra heich pynt
Coordinates39°42.113′N 44°17.899′E / 39.701883°N 44.298317°E / 39.701883; 44.298317Coordinates: 39°42.113′N 44°17.899′E / 39.701883°N 44.298317°E / 39.701883; 44.298317[1]
Moont Ararat is located in Turkey
Moont Ararat
Moont Ararat
Location in Turkey
LocationNearest ceety, approach for climbers:[note 1] Doğubeyazıt, Ağrı Province, Turkey[2]
Parent rangeArmenie Heichlands
Muntain teepStratovolcano
Last eruption1840[3]
First ascent1829
Dr. Friedrich Parrot an
Khachatur Abovian[4]

Moont Ararat (Armenie: Արարատ or Masis Մասիս; Turkis: Ağrı Dağı, is a snaw-capped an dormant compoond volcano in Turkey.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The only permitted route to climb Mount Ararat begins in Doğubeyazıt, optionally by automobile. Ministry of Culture and Tourism (2005).

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