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Montijo, Portugal

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Coat of airms o Montijo
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Location in Portugal
Location in Portugal
Coordinates: 38°41′N 08°54′W / 38.683°N 8.900°W / 38.683; -8.900
Kintra Portugal
SubregionPenínsula de Setúbal Subregion
 • MayorAmélia Antunes (PS)
 • Total348.0 km2 (134.4 sq mi)
 • Total40,199
 • Density116/km2 (300/sq mi)
Parishes (no.)8
Municipal holidaySaunt Peter
June 29
Praça da República

Montijo (Portuguese pronunciation: [mõˈtiʒu]) is a municipality in Portugal wi a total aurie o 348.0 km² an a population o 40,199 inhabitants. The toun o Montijo haes a population o 25,719.[1]

The municipality is composed o aicht ceevil pairishes an is locatit in Setúbal Destrict. It is ane o the few municipalities in Portugal athoot territorial continuity; that is, its component pairts are no conjoined. It is locatit in the Lisbon metropolitan aurie.


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Existin evidence points tae occupation o the aurie syne paleolithic times, awtho it wis no till the 16t century that the veelage wis offeecially establisht. It wis durin the 16t century that the main heidquarters o the ryal postal service wis establisht in the veelage an aw. As a result the veelage saw an increase in activity which providit an economic boost, awtho the main economy still developit aroond agricultur an fishin.

In the 18t century, wi the introduction o industrie an the increased importance o commerce, agricultur an fishin began tae luise their prominence as Montijo's main economic activities. This trend intensifee'd throuoot the 19t an 20t centuries an Montijo became kent for its processin industries, which mainly dealt wi pork meat an cork.

Montijo wis kent as Aldeia Galega till 6 Julie 1930, in spite o the fact that it wis a smaw toun an nae langer a veelage. It wis elevatit tae ceety status on 14 August 1985.


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The Vasco da Gama Brig, inauguratit in 1998, connects Montijo wi the caipital ceety o Lisbon. Numerous roads, includin the IC13, provide access tae the sooth, east an wast o Portugal.

Awtho the train service wis discontinued, Montijo maintains a netwirk of public transportation that connects it tae ither nearbi major ceeties an veelages bi bus an bi a river service connectin it wi Lisbon.


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  • Afonsoeiro
  • Alto-Estanqueiro-Jardia
  • Atalaia
  • Canha
  • Montijo
  • Pegões (Montijo)
  • Santo Isidro de Pegões
  • Sarilhos Grandes


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