Vasco da Gama Brig

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Vasco da Gama Bridge
Ponte Vasco da Gama 25.jpg
"Merging in the Mist," F Mira
Carries Sax road lanes o  IP 1 -  A 12 
Crosses Tagus River
Locale Sacavém, north o Lisbon (richt bank)
Municipality of Alcochete (left bank)
Offeecial name Ponte Vasco da Gama
Mainteened bi Lusoponte[1]
Design cable-stayed, viaducts
Tot lenth 17.2 km (10.7 mi)
Width 30 m (98 ft)
Hicht 155 metres (509 ft) (pylon)
Langest span 420 m (1,378 ft)
Designer Armando Rito
Construction begin 1995[2]
Construction end 1998[2]
Opened 1998-03-29
Toll 2.60 per passenger car (up to 10.80 per truck) northbound o
Vasco da Gama Brig is locatit in Portugal
Vasco da Gama Brig

The Vasco da Gama Brig (Portuguese: Ponte Vasco da Gama; pronounced: [ˈpõt(ɨ) ˈvaʃku dɐ ˈɡɐmɐ]) is a cable-stayed brig flanked bi viaducts an rangeviews that spans the Tagus River in Parque das Nações in Lisbon, the caipital o Portugal.

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