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Mongomo is a ceety in Wele-Nzas Province in mainland Equatorial Guinea.

Frae Mongomo oreeginate the naition's first preses Francisco Macías Nguema an o the current Preses Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, hence the name the clan o Mongomo tae define those belangin tae his rulin clique.

The aurie is hame tae Mongomo Provincial Hospital.[1]

The Mongomo Hotel is locatit in Kos Ete, Mongomo.[2]

Mongomo's fitball club is Deportivo Mongomo, active in the Equatoguinean Premier League.

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Coordinates: 1°37′43.34″N 11°19′00.60″E / 1.6287056°N 11.3168333°E / 1.6287056; 11.3168333