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1937 Mitsubishi PX33 on display at the 2006 Paris Motor Show.

The Mitsubishi PX33 is a prototype passenger caur built bi Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the company which woud eventually sire Mitsubishi Motors.[1] Commissioned for military uise bi the Japanese government in 1934,[2] it wis the first Japanese-built sedan tae hae full time fower-wheel drive, a technology the company woud return tae fifty years later in pursuit o motorsport success.[3] Four working prototypes wur built, an a version wis in development uisin Mitsubishi's 6.7 litre, 70 PS (51 kW; 69 hp) 445AD pouerplant, Japan's first direct injection diesel ingine. Housomeivver, the entire PX33 project wis cancelled in 1937 efter the government decidit tae prioritize commercial vehicle development o trucks an buses.[2]

The PX33 received renewed attention as a marketin tuil for Mitsubishi durin the release o the fowert generation Mitsubishi Pajero. The PX33's historical an technological link tae the company's newest sport utility vehicle saw baith caurs displayed in parallel at the Paris Motor Show in September 2006.[3]

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