Mickey Cobras

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Mickey Cobras
Namit efterHenry "Mickey" Cogwell
Foondin locationWestside, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Years active1954-Present
TerritoryChicago, Illinois
EthnicityMaistly African American
Creeminal activitiesDrog Trokin, Robbery, Extortion, Murther
AlliesPeople Nation, Black P. Stones, Vice Lords
RivalsFolk Nation, Gangster Disciples

The Mickey Cobras are a lairge street gang affiliatit wi the naitionwide gang affiliation kent as the People Nation. Based in Chicago an consistin lairgely o African-American memmership, the gang is considered vera mobile, wear the colour reid, an factions o the gang are bein established throughoot the Mid-wastren Unitit States. The gang's creeminal expertise is in narcotics. On 5 Aprile 2005 US Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald describit the Mickey Cobras as ane o several "super-gangs" that constitute a sizable portion o Chicago's oweraw gang population.[1]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Unner the leadership o Mickey Cogwell, the Mickey Cobras began as the "Cobra Stones" an wur an offeecial branch o the Black P. Stones Nation (BPSN) frae 1961 till 1977. Cogwell wis a foondin memmer o the "Main 21" an wis tharefore a leader athin the BPSN. He wis later convictit in 1972 for defraudin the federal govrernment grant o $927,000 frae the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity. Efter a fawin oot, the leader o the BPSN, Jeff Fort haed Mickey Cogwell killed on 25 Februar 1977. At this pynt the gang became a separate entity that is the day kent as the Mickey Cobras gang.

At the time o his daith, Cogwell haed been wirkin as an organiser for a soothside union. In 1970, the commander o the Gang Intelligence Unit for the Chicago Police Department portrayed Cogwell as the link atween gangs an organisit creeme, pairticularly the Chicago Outfit. The Mickey Cobras exist in auries o the soothside that compete for memmership wi the BPSN, pairticularly in the aurie aroond Fuller Pairk.[2] Thay controlled a segment o the Robert Taylor Homes hoosin project cried "The Hole" an aw till the biggins wur demolished an the Cobra drog lines forcit oot intae the street. Despite seemilar oreegins an affiliations, nae ane coud say that juist acause baith the BPSN an the Mickey Cobras the day are affiliatit wi the People Nation that thay are in ony sense cooperative or friendly towards each ither. Thay hae a sma presence in Detroit, Michigan an Toronto, Ontario an aw.

Organisational characteristics[eedit | eedit soorce]

The day the Mickey Cobras are kent formally as the "Reformed Kingdom of Mickey's Cobras", In thair oreeginal identity, thay wur kent as the Egyptian King Cobras. Efter three generations, the group haes come tae hae a strang Islamic influence. The Mickey Cobras nou hae thair awn unique written constitution an bi-laws, which shaw a strang Islamic influence, juist lik those o the modren-day BPSN. In the Illinois prison system, thay will combine wi the ABPSN for fendin an pouer.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

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