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Mercury Park Lane

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Mercury Park Lane (ca 1964)

The Mercury Park Lane wis a fullsize automobile produced bi the Mercury division o the Ford Motor Company frae 1958 tae 1960 an bi the Lincoln-Mercury Division frae 1964 tae 1968. Durin this time, the Park Lane resembled the Monterey, but wi a hichter trim level.

The Park Lane wis introduced in 1958 an wis applied tae Mercury's premium automobile line. In 1960, the Park Lane name wis dropt for the comin 1961 model year as Mercury focused its production efforts on the lower-end Monterey an Meteor 800 models. The name wis reinstatit in 1964 as Mercury again attemptit tae retrench its models in the price gap atween Ford an Lincoln. Park Lanes wur available wi the Marauder package (as wur aw full-size '64 Mercurys) which featured the "slantback" ruif designs uised on the popular full-size Ford line.

For 1967 and 1968, the Park Lane wis affered wi an even mair luxurious trim level cawed the Brougham, a.k.a. the Park Lane Brougham. These wur Mercury's flagship products durin these years.

Mercury completely redesigned its full-size afferins for 1969, an the Park Lane name wis retired at the end o the 1968 model year. Housomeivver some Grand Marquis hae been kent tae carry a revival o the Park Lane badge since the late 1990s.

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