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View o Mdina frae the kintraside belaw.

Mdina, Città Vecchia, or Città Notabile, (Inglis: Notabile, or Imdina)[1] is the auld caipital o Maltae. Mdina is a medieval walled toun situatit on a hill in the centre o the island. Punic remains uncovered ayont the ceety’s walls suggest the importance o the general region tae Maltae’s Phoenician settlers. Mdina is commonly cawed the "Silent Ceety" bi natives an visitors.[2] The toun is still confined athin its walls, an haes a population o less than three hunder, but it is contiguous wi the village o Rabat, which takes its name frae the Arabic wird for suburb, an haes a population o ower 11,000.

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