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McDonald's Corporation
Treddit as
GenreFast fuid restaurant
FoonditMey 15, 1940; 83 years ago (1940-05-15) in San Bernardino, Californie
FoondersRichard an Maurice McDonald
HeidquartersChicago, Illinois, U.S.[1]
Nummer o locations
Increase 37,241 restaurants (2017)
Area served
Key fowk
RevenueDecrease US$22.820 billion (2017)
Increase US$9.553 billion (2017)
Increase US$5.192 billion (2017)
Tot assetsIncrease US$33.804 billion (2017)
Tot equityDecrease US$-3.268 billion (2017)
Nummer o employees
~ 235,000 (2017)
Footnotes / references
McDonald's Kosher in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

McDonald's Corporation is the warld's muckle maist cheen o fast-fuid restaurants.[4] Altho McDonald's didna cleck the hamburger nor fast fuid, its name haes acome naur-haund synonymous wi baith.

Irn-Bru is selt bi McDonald's in Scotland.

Creeticism[eedit | eedit soorce]

McDonald's haes been the subject o creeticism for alleadgances o exploitation o entery-level wirkers, ecological ratch duin bi agricultural throu-pittin an industrial processin o thair products, sellin ill fuid, throu-pittin o packagin redd, exploitative adverteesin (aft aimed at bairns, minorities, an laich-income fowk), an inpittin tae skaithin bestial.

Fitmerks[eedit | eedit soorce]

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