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Creetism[eedit soorce]

Creetism is for ordinar spellt creeticism

An alleadgance is "the act of alleging in evidence before a tribunal; that which is alleged (= allegation)."

Wis McDonalds taen tae a tribunal?

waff wirkers - hameless gangrels?

ecological ratch ?

lapin redd ?

vizzied at bairns ?

inpittin tae skaithin bestial ?

"Taen frae" mair like ""

Whit for no juist rin it throu

"McDonald's Corporation NYSE: MCD is the world's largest chain of fast-food restaurants. Although McDonald's did not invent the hamburger or fast food, its name has become nearly synonymous with both.

McDonald's has been the target of criticism for allegations of exploitation of entry-level workers, ecological damage caused by agricultural production and industrial processing of its products, selling unhealthy food, production of packaging waste, exploitative advertising (especially targeted at children, minorities, and low-income people), and contributing to suffering and exploitation of livestock. McDonald's' historic tendency towards promoting high-calorie foods such as French fries has earned it the nickname "the starchy arches"."


"Mcdonald's corporation nyse: mcd is th' world's largest chain ay fast-fuid restaurants. althoogh mcdonald's did nae invent th' hamburger ur fest scran, its nam has become nearly synonymoos wi' baith. mcdonald's has bin th' targit ay criticism fur allegations ay exploitation ay entry-level workers, ecological damage caused by agricultural production an' industrial processin' ay its products, sellin' unhealthy scran, production ay packagin' waste, exploitatife advertisin' (especially targeted at bairns, minorities, an' low-income people), an' contributin' tae sufferin' an' exploitation ay livestock. mcdonald's' historic tendency towards promotin' high-calorie foods sic' as chups has earned it th' nicknam "the starchy arches"."

Its haivers an aw but wad sauf ye a guid bit time haein tae think on it yersel.