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Israel-2013-Aerial 21-Masada.jpg
Aerial view o Masada
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LocationSoothren Destrict, Israel
Coordinates31°18′56″N 35°21′14″E / 31.31556°N 35.35389°E / 31.31556; 35.35389Coordinates: 31°18′56″N 35°21′14″E / 31.31556°N 35.35389°E / 31.31556; 35.35389
BiggerAlexander Jannaeus (?)
Herod the Great
Foondit1st century BCE
EventsSiege o Masada
Site notes
Excavation dates1963–1965
AirchaeologistsYigael Yadin
CriteriaCultural: iii, iv, vi
Inscription2001 (25t Session)
Aurie276 ha
Buffer zone28,965 ha

Masada (Ebreu: מצדה‎‎ metsada, "fortress"[1]) is an auncient fortification in the Soothren Destrict o Israel situatit on tap o an isolatit rock plateau, akin tae a mesa.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Aboot this soondpronunciation ; the term semply means "fortress" in Modren Ebreu; in Biblical Ebreu מְצָד mĕtsad "moontain-fortress; stranghauld" frae a ruit meanin "tae hunt, lie in wait for prey". Gesenius, Hebrew-English Lexicon (H4679).