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The Malerwinkel'in Marktbreit
The Malerwinkel'in Marktbreit
Coat of airms o Marktbreit
Coat airms
Marktbreit is located in Germany
Location o Marktbreit athin Kitzingen destrict
Coordinates: 49°40′1″N 10°8′37″E / 49.66694°N 10.14361°E / 49.66694; 10.14361Coordinates: 49°40′1″N 10°8′37″E / 49.66694°N 10.14361°E / 49.66694; 10.14361
Admin. regionUnterfranken
Municipal assoc.Marktbreit
 • MayorErich Hegwein (CSU)
 • Total20.15 km2 (7.78 sq mi)
191 m (627 ft)
 • Total3,986
 • Density200/km2 (510/sq mi)
Time zoneCET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes
Diallin codes09332
Vehicle registrationKT

Marktbreit is a toun in the destrict o Kitzingen in the Regierungsbezirk Unterfranken in Bavarie situatit at the maist soothren point o the Main river. It is the birthplace o Alois Alzheimer who first identified the symptoms o wha is nou kent as Alzheimer's disease. Wi its suburb Gnodstadt, Marktbreit haes aboot 4,000 inhabitants (2004).

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Auld ruins o a Roman castle show the importance o Marktbreit's location durin the era o Emperor Augustus. It wis first mentioned as "broite inferior" in a document o the coont o Castell in 1266. It is vera likely that thare wis a dounset for some hunder years at the delta o the Breitbach. In 1557, Keeng Ferdinand alloued the dounset tae hauld mercats, an the name Marktbreit wis gien tae the smaw toun. In the 17t an 18t hunderyear Marktbreit wis an important mercatplace acause the shortest wey tae the Danube frae the Main (which ends in the Rhine) stairts in Marktbreit.

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