Mariano Balleza

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Mariano Balleza

(San Pablo Balleza)
Mariano Balleza is locatit athin Balleza Municipality
Mariano Balleza is locatit athin Balleza Municipality
Mariano Balleza is located in Mexico
Mariano Balleza
Mariano Balleza
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 26°57′N 106°21′W / 26.950°N 106.350°W / 26.950; -106.350
Kintra Mexico
Foondit (mission)1640
 • Total1,990

Mariano Balleza is a toun in the Mexican state o Chihuahua, close tae the border wi Durango. It serves as the municipal seat for the surroondin municipality o Balleza.

In the 2005 INEGI Census, the toun reportit a total population o 1,990.[1]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

It wis in this vicinity that Juan Fonte foondit the first Jesuit mission tae the Tarahumara in 1607, housomeivver that mission wis abandoned durin the Tepehuan war against the Spainyie stairtin in 1616.[2]

This specific dounset wis foondit as a Jesuit mission, wi the name San Pablo Tepehuanes, in 1640, as pairt o the efforts to evangelise the local Tepehuan fowk; this wis ane o the earliest missions in that pairt o New Spain. In 1830 the State Congress renamit it in honour o Fr. Mariano Balleza, who focht alangside Miguel Hidalgo in the War o Unthirldom. The toun is still informally kent as San Pablo Balleza.

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