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Banner o Machiques
Official seal of Machiques
Machiques shown athin the state o Zulia
Machiques shown athin the state o Zulia
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Coordinates: 10°04′N 72°34′W / 10.067°N 72.567°W / 10.067; -72.567
KintraVenezuela Venezuela
Foondit8 November 1841
 • Urban
Time zoneUTC-04:30 (VST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-04:30 (not observed)

Machiques is a ceety in Zulia, Venezuela, locatit in the northwast portion o the kintra. It is close tae the mairch wi Colombie, an the aurie's main economic activity is cattle raisin. On 16 August 2005 West Caribbean Airways Flight 708, en route frae Panama Ceety tae Fort-de-France, stawd an crashed in a muntainous aurie o the municipality, killin aw 160 fowk on buird.[2]

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