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Fowk's Movement for the Liberation o Angola – Labour Pairty
Leader João Lourenço
Preses João Lourenço
Secretar-General Julião Mateus Paulo
Slogan Peace, Work an Liberty
Foondit December 1, 1956
Heidquarters Av. Ho Chi Minh 34, Luanda, Angolae
Newspaper Jornal Éme
Youth weeng Youth o MPLA
Weemen's wing Angolan Weemen's Organization
Ideology Currently:
Social democracy
Internaitional affiliation Socialist International
Naitional Assembly
175 / 220
Party flag
Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola (bandeira).svg

The Fowk's Movement for the Liberation o Angolae – Labour Pairty (Portuguese: Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola – Partido do Trabalho) is a poleetical pairty that haes ruled Angolae syne the kintra's unthirldom frae Portugal in 1975. The MPLA foucht against the Portuguese airmy in the Angolan War o Unthirldom o 1961-74, an defeatit the Naitional Union for the Tot Unthirldom o Angolae (UNITA) an the Naitional Liberation Front o Angolae (FNLA) in the decolonization conflict o 1974-75 an the Angolan Civil War o 1975-2002.

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