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San Isidro de Lules
Tucuman Lules Peatonal.JPG
San Isidro de Lules is locatit in Argentinae
San Isidro de Lules
San Isidro de Lules
Location o San Isidro de Lules in Argentinae
Coordinates: 26°56′S 65°21′W / 26.933°S 65.350°W / -26.933; -65.350
Kintra Argentinae
Province Tucumán
Depairtment Lules
 • Mayor Dr. César Dip (Front for Victory)
 • Tot 28,359
Demonym(s) luleño/a
Time zone ART (UTC-3)
CPA base T4128
Dialin code +54 0381

San Isidro de Lules, or, Lules, as the toun is colloquially kent, is a dounset in Tucumán Province in northren Argentinae, an the seat o the depairtment (county) o the same name.

Lules wis foondit bi the pairish priest o Famaillá, Dr. Zoilo Domínguez, on 20 November 1851, on the steid o a umwhile Jesuit reduction as an agricultural commonty, an namit it in honor o the patron saunt o fermers, Saunt Isidore the Laborer (San Isidro), as well as for the aurie's indigenous fowk, the Lules tribe. Tho Domínguez bequeathed the laund tae his five sons upon his daith in 1865, he intendit tae create a functionin commonty, an lots aroond the toun square wur auctioned tae Lules indians an ither aurie residents. Domínguez haed a schuil an a Roman Catholic pairish built an aw, an the toun wis offeecially recognisit as such bi the province in 1887.[1]

The toun an surroondin fields became a important centre o blueberry an strawberry production, an durin the 20t century, Lules became hame tae numerous fuid processin plants, includin makers o fresh an concentratit juices, as well as paper an textile mills, amang ithers.[2]

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