Ludwig Feuerbach

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Ludwig Feuerbach
Born28 Julie 1804(1804-07-28)
Landshut, Bavarie
Dee'd13 September 1872(1872-09-13) (aged 68)
Rechenberg near Nuremberg, Imperial Germany
Era19t-century philosofie
RegionWastren Filosofie
SchuilMaterialism, Humanism
Main interests
Releegion, Christianity
Notable ideas
Releegion as the ootward projection o human inner naitur

Ludwig Andreas von Feuerbach (Julie 28, 1804 – September 13, 1872) wis a German philosopher an anthropologist best kent for his beuk The Essence o Christianity, which provided a critique o Christianity which strangly influenced generations o later thinkers, includin baith Karl Marx an Frederich Engels.