Louis Marc Antoine de Noailles, Viscoont o Noailles

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Louis Marc Antoine de Noailles
Viscoont o Noailles
Louis-Marie Vicomte de Noailles Gilbert Stuart 1798.jpeg
The Viscoont o Noailles (1798) t Versailles)
Full name
Louis Marie Marc Antoine de Noailles
Born Paris, Fraunce
Dee'd 7 Januar 1804 (aged 52)
Havana, Cuba
Noble faimily o Noailles
Spoose(s) Anne Jeanne de Noailles
Alexis, Coont o Noailles
Euphémie, Marquise o Vérac
Faither Philippe de Noailles
Mither Anne d'Arpajon
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Louis Marc Antoine de Noailles, Viscoont o Noailles (Louis Marie Marc Antoine; 117 Aprile 1756 – 7 Januar 1804) was the second son o Philippe, Duke o Mouchy, an a member o Mouchy branch o the Hoose o Noailles o the French aristocracy. He wis called the Viscoont o Noailles (Vicomte de Noailles)

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

He mairit his cousin Anne Jeanne Baptiste Georgette Adrienne Pauline Louise Catherine Dominique de Noailles (1758–1794), daughter of Jean de Noailles, Duke o Noailles.

Childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

He haed four childer :

  1. Adrienne Théodore Philippine de Noailles (1778-1781) died young.
  2. Louis Joseph Alexis de Noailles, Coont o Noailles (1 Juin 1783 - 14 Mey 1835) mairit Cécile de Boisgelin an haed childer.
  3. Alfred Louis Dominique Vincent de Paul de Noailles, Viscoont o Noailles (1784-1812) died unmairit.
  4. Adélaïde Marie Euphémie Cécile de Noailles (1790-1870) mairit Armand Maximilien François Joseph Olivier de Saint Georges, Marquis o Vérac (1768-1858)

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