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Subdistrict of Lospalos
Sacred house in Lospalos

Lospalos (sometimes mistakenly written Los Palos) is a ceety in East Timor, 248 km tae the east o Dili, the naitional caipital. Lospalos haes a population o 17,186 (2006) an is the caipital o the district o Lautém an the subdistrict o Lospalos. The subdistrict haes a population o 25,417 (2004).

Internaitionally, the ceety is incorrectly cawed Los Palos, suggestin that its name is o Spaingie oreegin. In fact, it is derived frae Lohoasupala, its name in Fataluku, the local Papuan leid, although nouadays Fataluku speakers uise the name Lospala. The correct name in Inglis, as well Portuguese an Tetum, the offeecial leids o East Timor, is Lospalos.

Lospalos is the birth ceety o the co-foonder an preses o the pairty APODETI, Frederico Almeida Santos Costa.

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Coordinates: 8°31′S 127°00′E / 8.517°S 127.000°E / -8.517; 127.000