Loch o Skene

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Loch o Skene
(February 1999)
Coordinates57°9′28″N 2°21′25″W / 57.15778°N 2.35694°W / 57.15778; -2.35694Coordinates: 57°9′28″N 2°21′25″W / 57.15778°N 2.35694°W / 57.15778; -2.35694
Teepairtifeecial loch
Basin kintrasScotland
Designatit1 October 1986

The Loch o Skene is in Aiberdeenshire, Scotland some 9 mile (14 km) wast o the ceety o Aiberdeen, near the Kirkton o Skene veelage.[1]

Loch o Skene is home tae the Aiberdeen an Stonehaven Yachtin Club.[2]

It is designatit as a Special Protection Aurie for wildlife conservation purposes.[3]

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