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Brian Limond
BornBrian Limond
(1974-10-20) 20 October 1974 (age 49)
Glesga, Scotland
ThriftComic, actor, scriever, makker, musicker, author, podcaster, streamer
Years active2006–present
Pairtner(s)Lynn McGowan

Brian Limond (born 20 October 1974), kent as Limmy forby, is a Scots comic, actor, scriever, musicker, podcaster an streamer. Whilk wirkin as a wabsteid makker an Flash makker, he stairtit pittin oot comedy on his wabsteid an blog, Limmy.com, that haed mony Flash-based projects.[1] In late 2006, he pit oot an aicht-day podcast cried Limmy's World of Glasgow, that the British mainstream media teuk a conceit in.[2][3]

Efter mony years o daein his comedy wirk, Limmy wis hired bi BBC Scotland tae mak his ain sketch shaw, Limmy's Show. The shaw ran fur threy series an a Christenmas speicial atween 2010 an 2013, an wan twa BAFTA Scotland awairds.[4][5] He rejynt BBC Scotland wi ainither sketch shaw, wi an ane-aff episode in 2018 an a full series in 2020.[6] Limmy has tried several ither acteivities, sic as scrievin mony beuks an performin explicit live shaws. He uises mony onwab social media plats, sic as Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, an Vine afore it shut doon.

Early life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Brian Limond wis born on 20 October 1974 in Glesga, an wis upbrocht in the Carndouk an Priesthill auries o the city. He fand sonse as a wabsteid makker an Flash makker efter stairtin wirk at Glesga-based new media firm Black ID.[7] In the simmer o 2001, wirkers o Black ID creatit a rival firm cried Flammable Jam, whaur Limmy wis a director. Durin this time, he wis askit tae contribute tae the beuk New Masters of Flash: The 2002 Annual, a resoorce fur Macromedia Flash makkers.[8] In 2001, he co-foondit the firm Chunk Ideas, sellin his stake tae co-foonder Donnie Kerrigan in 2006 sae he cid focus on his comedy wirk.[9][10]

Career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Scots cultur jurnal The List pit Limond at No. 14 on their "Het 100" list in 2006, that celebratit the fowk wha makit the biggest dint in Scots cultur ower the year.[11] In Mairch 2007, Limond kythed at twa selt-oot shaws at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival. In 2007, he played the chairacter Zack Eastwood in Consolevania an VideoGaiden. In Juin 2009, he wis hired bi the BBC fur a sax-shaw series cried Limmy's Show, a sketch shaw that stairted on BBC Scotland in Januar 2010.[12] Limmy's Show rin fur a seicont series, that stairted on BBC Scotland in Februar 2011. Limond wrate a pilot fur a sitcom based on Falconhoof, ane o the raiglar chairacters on Limmy's Show, but the shaw wis turnt doon bi BBC Scotland.[13] He appeart in The IT Crowd, playin a windae cleaner wi an unintelligible Glesga patter, in the episode "The Final Countdown", that aired in Julie 2010.[14]

In 2014, Limmy haed a raiglar pairt in the seicont series o the Charlie Brooker news satire shaw Weekly Wipe. He is kent fur his wabcam chats, whaur he tauks wi fans an maks muisic.[15] In 2015 Limmy scrievit his furst beuk, Daft Wee Stories, furthset bi Random House.[16][17] Tae heeze up his beuk, he yokit til a readin-tour roun the UK. Threy o the stories wur furthset in The Scotsman paper.[18][19]

In Januar 2016, Limmy did fower nichts at the Clyde Auditorium an ane nicht at the Hammersmith Apollo, takin material frae his telly shaws tae become Limmy Live![20] In Mey 2016, he pit forrit his seicont beuk o short stories, That's Your Lot, he yokit til ainither beuk readin-tour.[21][22]

Limmy kythed on Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast in 2015,[23] 2017,[24] an 2019.[25] He kythed on the Blindboy Podcast in 2020 an aw.[26]

Limond is kent fur the parody tributes he aften tweets efter the propalin o a celebrity's daith; he ay tweets that he "had the pleasure of meeting [them] at a charity do once. [They were] surprisingly down to earth, and VERY funny". Follaein the daith o nichtclub awner Peter Stringfellow, Sky News misteuk his tweet as a genuine tribute.[27] The tweet wid later become the title o Limmy's autobiographie.

In 2017, the BBC commissioned an ane-aff speicial o Limmy's Homemade Show, that wis braidcast in Aprile 2018.[6] It wis meant as a wab series afore bein picked up bi the BBC. The shaw is makit, performed, directit, filmed an editit bi Limond alane an taks place in or aroon his hame.[28] A follae-up series wis commissioned bi the BBC an began airin in Aprile 2020.[29]

Personal life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Limond has struggled wi mental halth issues sic as depression an suicidal thochts, as weel as a historie o alcoholism. He aften appenly communes on these issues on social media an in speirs.[30][31] He has been aff the bottle syne 2004.[32] He has been in a relationship wi Lynn McGowan syne 2000.[33] They hae a loon cried Daniel McGowan Limond, born 2010.[34][35]

Limond is a supporter o the Scots National Pairty an Scots unthirldom, thou he is doutfu gin it will happen.[36] He supportit the Irish political pairty People Before Profit fur Belfast City Cooncil in 2019.[37]

Filmographie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Year Title Role Notes
2007 Consolevania Zack Eastwood
2007 VideoGaiden Zack Eastwood
2010 The IT Crowd Windae Cleaner Episode: "The Final Countdown"
2010–2013 Limmy's Show Sindry chairacters[30] 20 episodes
Creator, writer, director, animator
2011 Charlie Brooker's 2011 Wipe Himsel
2014 Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe Himsel Five episodes
2015 Pompidou Handyman
2018–present Limmy's Homemade Show Sindry chairacters Creator, writer, director, producer, editor

Bibliography[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Daft Wee Stories (2015) ISBN 978-1780893754
  • That's Your Lot (2017) ISBN 978-0008172602
  • Surprisingly Down to Earth, and Very Funny (2019) ISBN 978-0008294663

Video gemms[eedit | eedit soorce]

Year Title Platform
2011 Raffle King Android[38]
2014 Farting Boaby Android[39]
2014 Jumping Android[40]
2014 Swearing Xylophone Android[41]

Awairds[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 2011 British Academy Scotland Award (Limmy's Show)[4][30]
  • 2013 British Academy Scotland Award for Best Comedy/Entertainment Programme (Limmy's Show)[5]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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