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Limmy's Show!
Limmy's Show! title card
Creautit biBrian Limond
Written biBrian Limond
Directit biBrian Limond
StarninBrian Limond,

Paul McCole,
Alan McHugh,
Kirstin McLean,
Raymond Mearns (Series 1),
Tom Brogan (Series 1),

Debbie Welsh (Series 1),
Kintra o oreeginScotland
No. o series3 (1 Special)
No. o episodes20 (including pilot)
Executive producer(s)Jacqueline Sinclair
Producer(s)Rab Christie
Lenth30 minutes
Production company(s)The Comedy Unit
Oreeginal networkBBC Two Scotland
Oreeginal release11 Januar 2010 (2010-01-11) – 22 December 2013 (2013-12-22)

Limmy's Show! wis a Scottish comedy sketch show broadcast on BBC Two Scotland, written an directit bi Brian Limond. Limond starred as himsel an a variety o chairacters in a series o observational, surreal, daurk an streenge sketches. Limmy frequently braks the fowert waw bi directly talkin tae viewers throu the camera. The show stars Brian Limond, Paul McCole, Alan McHugh, Kirstin McLean an Ryan Fletcher. The first series featurt a ootthrou different promuivin cast, conseesting o Debbie Welsh, Tom Brogan an Raymond Mearns.

Development[eedit | eedit soorce]

Limmy's Show! wis creautit as a result o the sonse o Limmy's live performances at The Fringe an the Glasgow International Comedy Festival based on his sonsie 2006 podcast Limmy's World of Glasgow. Several o the chairacters seen in Limmy's Show war oreeginally creautit throu this podcast, including Jacqueline McCafferty, Wee Gary and Dee Dee. The first series, whit wis appruived follaein a sonsie pilot in Februar 2009, first aired on 11 Januar 2010 an ran weekly for six episodes. In July 2012, it wis revealed bi Limond via Twitter that he wis currently filming the third series, whit wis aired frae 12 November 2012.[1] Additionally, a Christenmas special wis broadcast in December 2013. Limmy haes said that he doesnae want tae mak any maire episodes o the show efter the Christmas special. Limmy proposed a sitcom based aroond Falconhoof, aka "Ped", but the show wis turned doun bi BBC Scotland.[2]

Recurring chairacters[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Limmy – Limmy appears as himsel makkin blunt observations on life an modern culture. "Hae ye ever noticed…?", "Ye know whit A hate?", "Whit would ye do?" an "Let me tell ye something aboot life..." are common intros tae these musings. He appears as himsel in frequent, wee segments ranging frae wee pieces o satire tae dancing an complete non-sequitur jokes. On several occasions, he criticises Top of the Pops performances, wi himsel keyed in iver the footage.
  • Jacqueline McCafferty – An ex-junkie wha spent three years o her life on heroin an a further five years on a methadone treatment programme. Jacqueline tries her best tae fit in wi the middle an upper classes an is very bitter aboot people looking doun their nose at her.
  • Falconhoof – The humble an conseestently well-intentioned costumed host o "Adventure Call", a live televised caw-in show in whit he guides players throu a fantasy role-playing game in order tae win cash prizes. He regularly haes tae deal wi angry, unexpected an sometimes misleading or threatening cawers an situations, such as those wha hae wasted money as a result o cawin the premium rate service.
  • Derek "Dee Dee" Durie – A spaced-oot waster wha spends his time doing nothing but iver-analysing trivial things an bringing his kitchen tae life throu hallucination. He prefaces each monologue wi "Fockin..."
  • Raymond Day (series 2-3) – A smug, sadistic cold reading television psychic medium based on Colin Fry wha imparts terrible information on particular members o his otherwise gay crowd.
  • Mr. Mulvaney (series 1 & special) – A mischievous 60-year-auld businessman constantly cammin up wi weys tae avoid trouble wi the law.
  • Wee Gary (series 1) – A bairn wha spends his breaks an lunch times trying tae capitalise upon his fellow pupils wi manipulative tact an bi selling anything an everything.
  • John Paul (series 1) – A teenage working class ned and aw-roond trouble makker wha terrorises an humiliates his victims, behaving in a loutish wey. He has a persistent, negative social media presence.
  • Major Boo Boo (series 2, only two sketches) – An animated character, wha awtho is dressed in a major's uniform, doesnae actually seem tae be in the army. He maks mistakes frequently, or "major boo boos".
  • The Spies (series 2) - Twa inept spies wha are intent on 'getting something' on the ither ane.

Honours[eedit | eedit soorce]

Limmy's Show! haes won a Scottish BAFTA award for Best Entertainment Programme twace, the first time in November 2011[3] an the second in 2013 [4]

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