Leyland 4-tonne truck

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Leyland 4-tonne truck
Leyland 4 tonne truck UBRE variant.jpg
British Army Leyland 4-tonne truck UBRE (Unit Bulk Refuelling Equipment) variant in Poland during Exercise Ulan Eagle
Place o oreegin United Kingdom
Service history
Uised bi United Kingdom, Ireland, Brunei, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, United Nations and Uzbekistan.
Production history
Designer Leyland Trucks
Manufacturer Leyland Trucks
Produced Prototypes in 1987, production examples from 1990; main production (British Army contract) concluded in 1995.
No. biggit 4,500 (approx.)
Wecht 6010 kg (6720 kg with winch)
Lenth 6.65 m (261.8 in)
Weenth 2.49 m
Hicht 2.7 m (roof)
Diameter 2.49 m (98.0 in)
Crew driver
Passengers 2

The Leyland 4-tonne truck wis produced bi Leyland Trucks in Lancashire. It wis developed for the Breetish Airmy an won the competeetion tae replace a fleet o aulder Bedford M-teep 4-tonne trucks.[1] It shares some key components wi the commercial 45 Series licht truck. Deliveries tae the Breetish Airmy stairtit in 1990. The offeecial Breetish Airmy Oot o Service Date for this truck wis the end o 2014, but aroond 650 war retained. Small nummers war exportit.[2]

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