Leyland 4-tonne truck

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Leyland 4-tonne truck
Leyland 4 tonne truck UBRE variant.jpg
British Army Leyland 4-tonne truck UBRE (Unit Bulk Refuelling Equipment) variant in Poland during Exercise Ulan Eagle
Place o oreeginUnited Kingdom
Service history
Uised biUnited Kingdom, Ireland, Brunei, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, United Nations and Uzbekistan.
Production history
DesignerLeyland Trucks
ManufacturerLeyland Trucks
ProducedPrototypes in 1987, production examples from 1990; main production (British Army contract) concluded in 1995.
No. biggit4,500 (approx.)
Wecht6010 kg (6720 kg with winch)
Lenth6.65 m (261.8 in)
Weenth2.49 m
Hicht2.7 m (roof)
Diameter2.49 m (98.0 in)

The Leyland 4-tonne truck wis produced bi Leyland Trucks in Lancashire. It wis developed for the Breetish Airmy an won the competeetion tae replace a fleet o aulder Bedford M-teep 4-tonne trucks.[1] It shares some key components wi the commercial 45 Series licht truck. Deliveries tae the Breetish Airmy stairtit in 1990. The offeecial Breetish Airmy Oot o Service Date for this truck wis the end o 2014, but aroond 650 war retained. Small nummers war exportit.[2]

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