Leopold Ružička

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Leopold Ružička
BornLavoslav Stjepan Ružička
13 September 1887(1887-09-13)
Vukovar, Kinrick o Croatie-Slavonie, Austrick-Hungary (present-day Croatie)
Dee'd26 September 1976(1976-09-26) (aged 89)
Mammern, Swisserland
NaitionalityCroatian, Swiss
CitizenshipAustrick-Hungary (1887–1917)
Swisserland (1917–1976)
Alma materTechnische Hochschule Karlsruhe
Kent forTerpenes
AwairdsMarcel Benoist Prize (1938)
Nobel Prize for Chemistry (1939)
Faraday Lectureship Prize (1958)
Scientific career
InstitutionsETH Zurich
Doctoral advisorHermann Staudinger
Doctoral studentsGeorge Büchi

Leopold Ružička ForMemRS[1] (13 September 1887 – 26 September 1976) wis a Croatie-Swiss scientist an winner o the 1939 Nobel Prize in Chemistry wha wirked maist o his life in Swisserland. He received aicht honoris causa doctorates in science, medicine, an law; seiven prizes an medals; an twinty-fower honorar memberships in chemical, biochemical, an ither scienteefic societies.

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