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The oreegins o this community streek back tae a period whan fermen an the muivement o stock wis awnmaist alane the main soorce o acteevity. Lealholm wis a convenient place for traivelers tae owergae the River Esk. Fowk set up residence here in the howp an ettle o earnin a brose frae sic traivelers.

Governance[eedit | eedit soorce]

Lealhom's first tier o local govrement is Glaisdale Parish Council, whaur Lealholm ward elects three o the seiven cooncillors, the ithers representing Glaisdale ward. Nae ordinar, the twa wards are represented sindry at the neist tier o govrement, the borough (nae-metropolitan destrict).[1]

Geography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Lealholm an Lealholmside

At the heid o the veelage staunds the widland an heuch o Crunkly Ghyll, whit wis cairved bi the River Esk throu the brae whaur the river drops 100 feet (30 m) frae the dale abuin tae reak the veelage. It wis makkit in the hinder gey ice age as a huge waw o ice muived endlang the laundskip cairving oot whit is now the Esk Valley hyne tae Lealholm. At its heid it makkit a muckle dam rancin the rowe frae abuin an creautin a loch rinnin back up the dale tae Commondale. As the ice mizzled, the river forced its way oot cairving the praisent-day heuch.[2]

Demography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Feegurs for the population o Lealholm alane arena appen. The population o the pairishGlaisdale (includin hames o Glaisdale, Houlsyke, Lealholm an Street) wis 974 leevin in 404 hoosehauds in the UK 2001 Census.[3] O this nummer, 73% leeve in the 1% o the aurie that is clessifeed as "urban", while 27% o the population leeves in the 99% "landwart" area.[4]

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

Lealholm remeened a tradeetional, labour-intensive, mixed fermen community till the 1970s.[5] In the seicont hauf o twintiet century increasin mechanization o fermen operations led tae a fest dwyne o employment dints in agricultur in the surroondin aurie.[6] Houainver, the rise in the auchts o caurs brocht tourism intae the North York Moors aurie an the veelage is a tourist honeypot in the simmer months. Employment in tourism has risin swithly an the veelage now has guest hooses, haliday cottar hooses, bed an brakfast herbourie an caterin estaiblishments providin jots an income forby wi services an retailers.[7] Lealholm haed a teepical NER guids shade an coal yaird nearby the railwey station, whit becam a factory steid whan the company Lightspeed panels war set up in 1972. They produced the Magenta kit caur, a fiberglass body kit based on a Mini chassis. The day the steid is a cuar mendin garage.[8]

Cultur an community[eedit | eedit soorce]

Lealholm Show Sports

Thare is a queir based in Lealholm whit performs at venues in the surroondin aurie. The Board Inn is the steid for the veelage fitbaa an cricket teams forby hostin dominoes an darts spiels. The River Esk is uised for anglin, wi salmon an troot bein catcht in fouth.[9]

Lealholm Village Show an sports day is held bi the Lealholm Farm Produce an Horticultural Society on the first Seturday in September.[10] The shaw, kent as the Lealholm Agricultural Show, taks place on the veelage sports field, for ordinar reserved for cricket in the simmer months, an fitbaa in winter.[11] It held its 87th shaw in 2007. Thare wisna a shaw in 1970, an in 2001 the organisers decided it wad be inbehove tae haud the shaw auchtin tae the Foot an mouth ootbrak. In 2008, the shaw wis cancelled for the first time in its history. Due tae ill weather, the cricket pick becam watterlogged efter weeks o blauds an maire blauds in the days leadin up tae the shaw.[12] The shaw has o'er 200 exhibitions o crafts, wine makkin, fruit, vegetables an ferm produce for pingle includin kynds for childers.[13] Childers' sports an a fancy cleidin paraud are held on the cricket pick an are aye weel supported, awtho for ordinar thare has tae be a lot o perswasion for entries intae the grown-body's "Twice roond the field" pingle. Side staws include "Bowl for a Guiss", war pinglers attempt tae bowl five baws throu holes in a frame at the end o a smaw but dunkin pick. The winner can tak hame a leeve guiss, haev it deleevered for Christenmas or receive a penga prize.

Media[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Esk Valley is sert bi local newspaper The Whitby Gazette, published on Tysday an Friday, fenby the Middlesbrough & Teesside based daily - The Evening Gazette. Maugre bein located in North Yorkshire, Lealholm's location at the bottom o the dale prevenes BBC Local Radio transmeessions braidcast bi Radio York, whit sers the lave o the region, bein received. Insteid, local radio braidcast service is relayed on BBC Tees frae Bilsdale tae the sooth-wast.[14] Auchtin tae the same geographic restrictions, regional terrestrial televeesion is provided bi Tyne Tees Television an BBC North East an Cumbria frae Newcastle upon Tyne. Digital radio stations an digital televeesion channels an aw are braidcast frae Bilsdale but reception is eften difficult an aw auchtin tae the veelage's geography.[15] Reception o televeesion for maist hooses in the bottom o the dale comes frae the Limber Hill relay transmeeter, atween Egton an Glaisdale faurer doun the dale.[16]

Education[eedit | eedit soorce]

The na-denominational Lealholm Primary School eddicates childers frae the age o five till thay leave at the age o eleiven. In 2008 thare war 52 schuil bairns at the schuil, includin 20 littlins.[17][18] The schuil received by-ordinar or guid grades in aw auries o the hindermaist Ofsted inspection report.[19] Aulder schuil bairns traivel to seicontary schuils an a college in Whitby.

Notable people[eedit | eedit soorce]

John Castillo (1792–1845), bard an lay meesionar, eften remitted tae as "The Bard o the Dales", leeved in Lealholm on the steid now kent as "Poets Cottage", whit the day operates as a plant nursery.[20]

John Davidson (1889–1988), "The Chronicler of Lealholm", chronicled the history o the veelage in buiks an correspondence in the Whitby Gazette. He wis a shipbroker oreeginally frae Stockton-on-Tees, that held a gey amoont o afmour for the veelage an carried oot hantle resairch on the aurie. His published buiks include The Manor, Lordship an Castle o Danby[21] an Chronicles o Lealholm & Glaisdale.[22] The buiks are oot o prent, but his fashious resairch haes been muckle copied an thare are vaurious publications in prent the day kiverin the history o the veelage.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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