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Monument tae Vicente León on the main square o Latacunga

Latacunga is a plateau toun o Ecuador, caipital o the Cotopaxi Province, 89 km (55 mile) sooth o Quito, near the confluence o the Alaques an Cutuchi rivers tae form the Patate, the heidstream o the Pastaza. At the time o census 2001 Latacunga haed 51,689 indwallers,[1] largely mestizo an indigenous.

Latacunga is an oor an hauf sooth frae Quito on the Pan-American Highway. It wis previously an aa on the auld road frae Quito tae Guayaquil, an haes a railwey station atween those ceeties. It is 9,055 ft (2,760 m). abuin sea level. Its climate is cauld an windy, due tae the neighborin snawclad heights, an the barren, pumice-covered tableland on which it staunds. The active volcano Cotopaxi is anerlie 25 km. away, an the toun haes suffered repeatedly frae eruptions. Foondit in 1534, it wis fower times destroyed bi yirdquauks atween 1698 an 1798. The neighborin ruins o an aulder native toun are said tae date frae the Incas Empire.

Latacunga's maist notit fuid is chugchucaras, empanadas, plantains, popcorn, an tostado (a teep o toastit corn.) Aften mixed wi ají, a teep o condiment that can be mild tae vera spicy dependin on hou it's prepared.

The Latacunga economy is dependent on agricultur, an floricultur. It haes an internaitional airport, the Cotopaxi International Airport, that is no uised for internaitional passenger uise, but as an Air Force base an some special commercial flichts. The local volcanic activity haes led tae the accumulation o pumice deposits which are currently mined, as well as the presence o naitural sparklin watter, which is bottled unner the brand name San Felipe.

The airplane scene in the film Maria Full of Grace wis filmed oot o the Latacunga airport uisin local extras. The landscape seen frae the plane is the aurie surroondin Latacunga.

Traditional festivals[eedit | eedit soorce]

" La Fiesta de la Mama Negra" Archived 2011-07-17 at the Wayback Machine is a weel kent traditional festival in Latacunga. It is a mixture o indigenous, Spainyie an African influences. It takes place twice a year. The first ane wis organized in September bi the fowk frae the mercats "La Merced y Del Salto" in honour o the "Virgen de la Merced". The Virgin is veneratit acause she stopped the Cotopaxi Volcano eruption in 1742. That is the reason why Latacunga's indwallers caw her “Abogada y patrona del volcan” meanin (lawyer an boss o the volcano).

The seicont celebration is a pairty which aw Latacunga’s indwallers celebrate ivery year on Unthrildom Day. It is a parade wi the participation o well-kent fowk, the airmy, clergy an ithers.[2]

Baith o thir fiestas include a lengthy parade o various cultural characters, aw dressed-up in various colors. The 'mama negra' is the last body tae pass throu, which is the culmination o each parade. It is a body wi thair face paintit in black, ridin a horse, an sprayin the croud wi milk. Hamemade strang alcoholic drinks are freely passed atween ane anither alang the parade route, which can be quite chaotic, closin the road at times an makin the route unpassable.

Historic dountoun[eedit | eedit soorce]

Latacunga’s historic dountoun extends aboot 30 squares. Prominent biggins tae veesit are:

  • Saint Francis’s kirk, the first kirk biggit in the ceety.
  • The municipal palace; it wis biggit wi pumice stane in a neoclassical style.
  • The Main Square in which staunds a statue o Dr. Vicente Leon.[3]

Sports[eedit | eedit soorce]

Sociedad Deportiva Flamengo is the ceety's fitbaa club. Thay play thair hame gemmes at Estadio La Cocha.

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