Lapis lazuli

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Lapis lazuli
Lapis-lazuli hg.jpg
Lapis lazuli frae Afghanistan in its naitural state
Category Rock
(repeatin unit)
mixtur o minerals wi lazurite as the main constituent.
Creestal seestem None, as lapis is a rock. Lazurite, the main constituent, frequently occurs as dodecahedra
Colour Medium Blue, mottled wi white calcite an brassy pyrite
Creestal habit Compact, massive
Fractur Uneven-Conchoidal
Mohs scale haurdness 5–5.5
Skinkle dull
Streak light blue
Speceefic gravity 2.7–2.9
Refractive index 1.5
Ither chairacteristics The variations in composeetion cause a wide variation in the abuin values.

Lapis lazuli /ˈlæpɪs ləˈzl/ or /-ˈlæʒl/ (whiles abbreviate tae lapis) is a deep blae semi-precious stane that haes been prized syne antiquity for its intense colour.