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Lancia Alpha Sport 1908

The Lancia Alfa 12 HP (Tipo 51 oreeginally) wis the first caur made bi Lancia. The caurs first road tests begun in September 1907 an production startit in 1908. Vincenzo Lancia unveiled his first caur in Turin Motor Show in 1908 (Januar 18-Februar 2) . The caur wis equipt wi sidevalve straight-4 ingine. The caur haed oreeginally project name "type 51" an wis later renamed tae Greek alphabet Alfa. The caur haed a top speed o aroond 90 kilometres per hour (56 mph) wi 2544 cc ingine producin 28 hp an rotatin aroond 1800 revolutions per minute. This model wis sauld ower ane hunder copies, an this caur wis made an aa for racin.

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