Lage Vuursche

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Lage Vuursche
Location of Lage Vuursche
Coordinates: 52°10′45″N 5°13′20″E / 52.17917°N 5.22222°E / 52.17917; 5.22222
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The veelage (darkgreen) an the statistical destrict (lightgreen) o Lage Vuursche in the municipality o Baarn.

Lage Vuursche (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈlaː.ɣə ˈvyːr.sə]) is a veelage in the Dutch province o Utrecht. It is a pairt o the municipality of Baarn, an lees aboot 5 km wast o Soest, in the middle o the forest. Drakestein, the umwhile residence o Queen Beatrix, is situatit juist east o the veelage.

In 2001, the veelage o Lage-Vuursche haed 139 inhabitants. The built-up aurie o the toun wis 0.04 km², an contained 61 residences.[1] The slichtly lairger statistical destrict o Lage Vuursche haes aboot 210 inhabitants.[2]

Till 1857, the veelage wis a separate municipality, unner the name De Vuursche, thegither wi the sma hamlet "Hoge Vuursche". It then mergit wi the municipality o Baarn.

Apairt frae the ryal faimily, the maist famous person frae Lage Vuursche is athlete Fanny Blankers-Koen, fower times gowd medalist in the 1948 Simmer Olympics.

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