L. Colin Wilson

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L. Colin Wilson (born 1958, Aiberdeen) is a Scots leid-upsteerer, writer, saftware bigger an linguist[1]. He wis born in Aiberdeen an efter spendin maist o his bairnheid there, he flittit tae the Scots-spaekin toun o Couter. Fae 1979 tae 1989 he bade in Lunnon, Ingland. Efter that he flittit back tae Scotland whaur he spent eleiven year in Glesca afore returnin tae his hametoun.

He haes been a member o the Scots Leid Associe syne 1989 an haes serred as a member o its national commatee an as secretar o its Glesca brainch. Amang his mony contreebutions tae the Scots leid is a textbeuk written on Scots for lairners furth o Scotland cried the Luath Scots Language Learner.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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