Scots Leid Associe

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The Scots Leid Associe (kent in Inglis as the Scots Language Society) is a bodie that warks for the furdal o the Scots leid in "leiterature, drama, the media, education an ilka day uiss". It wis foundit in 1972, an haes about 350 memmers the nou.

The SLA sets furth a bi-annual journal, Lallans, that's nou a 144-page magazine wi prose, musardrie, reviews, news etc. aw in Scots. It's furthset wi help by the Scottish Arts Council. Lallans is postit free tae memmers o the SLA, an it is estimate that it haes a readership o about a thousan, syne copies is also postit tae libraries an siclike.

As weil as thon, the SLA hauds its "Annual Collogue" – a meetin wi writin competeitions for fowk o aw ages, talks, muisic etc. This last aw day, for ordinar.

The SLA sees itsel as pairt o a "faimily" o Scots organisations, an is pairt o the Scots Leid Cross-Pairty Group at the Scots Pairlament.

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