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Kufra is located in Libya
Location in Libir
Coordinates: 24°11′N 23°17′E / 24.183°N 23.283°E / 24.183; 23.283
Kintra Libie
DestrictAl Kufrah
Time zoneUTC +2
 • Summer (DST)24

Kufra /ˈkuːfrə/ (an aw spelled Cufra in Italian, Koufra in French or Khofra) is a basin (Arab: Uádi el Kufra) [1] an oasis group in Al Kufrah Destrict, sootheastren Cyrenaica in Libie. Kufra is historically important abuin aw acause at the end o nineteent century it became the center an holy place o the Senussi order.[1] Mairower, it played a minor role in the Wastren Desert Campaign o Warld War II.

It is in a pairticularly isolatit location no anerlie acause it is in the middle o the Sahara Desert but an aw acause it is surroondit on three sides bi depressions – which makes it dominate the passage in east-wast land traffic athort the desert; for the colonial Italians, it wis an aw important as a station on the north-sooth air traffic tae Italian East Africae. These factors, alang wi Kufra's dominance o the sootheastren Cyrenaica region o Libie, explains the Oasis' strategic importance an why it wis a point o conflict durin Warld War II.

Etymology[eedit | eedit soorce]

The wird Kufra comes frae the Arabic wird kafir, the Arabic term for non-Muslims (aften translatit as "infidels", literally "those who conceal [the truth]") wi reference tae the pagan Tebu fowk native tae the region.[1][2]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

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Coordinates: 24°11′N 23°17′E / 24.183°N 23.283°E / 24.183; 23.283