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1900s drawin o Saunt Nicholas an Krampus veesitin a bairn

In Central European fowklair, Krampus is a hornit anthropomorphic feegur descrived as "hauf-gait, hauf-deevilock",[1] thit, durin Yuiltime, puinishes bairns thit'v bin bad. This is awfie sindry than Saunt Nicholas, thit rewairds the guid bairns wi gifts. Krampus is yin o the companions o Saunt Nicholas in some places includin Austrick, Bavarie, Croatie, Czechie, Hungary, Northren Italy includin Sooth Tyrol an Trentino, an Slovenie.[2] Fowk arenae certaint whaur the feegur cam fae; some fowklairists an anthropologists hae jaloused thit hit haes pre-Christian oreegins.

In tradeetional parauds an in sic events as the Krampuslauf (Scots: Krampus rin), young men dresst as Krampus tak pairt. Sic events happen ivery year in maist Alpine touns.[3] Krampus is faiturt on haliday cairds cried Krampuskarten.

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